Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Real direct contact between loading and freight companies - Widoit.com

Real direct contact between loading and freight companies

Do you know that in Widoit.com we offer direct contact between carriers and shippers?

Do you know that we have a team of commercials that is offering the service to both loading and freight companies. We do not offer our service to transport agencies or logistics operators, only to load owners and vehicle owners.

Do you know that the loads you can see on our blog: Tweetsandloads have not been resold? Loads come directly from the company that produces the cargo because this is what we mean by direct contact.

We are Widoit.com, an online platform, and we are dedicated to providing the necessary tools for the two needs, without intermediaries. That means that once inside our service you will see the contact of the person for whom you are going to carry the load or contact the person who will transport your goods.

It seems logical, right?

And so it is, the logic is the basis of Widoit.com, we believe that the transport should be done the way we propose, with transparency, with information and offering real time solutions to shippers that have vehicles near where is loading and loads near where the vehicle is located. Did you know that the average payment in Widoit.com is 60 days?

One of the great challenges of Widoit.com is safety, we not only offer a secure service that meets all online safety regulation we also check all companies in solvency and reliability. We do these checks to create an atmosphere of trust and synergies within our platform, we offer Widoit.com warranty. A warranty that promotes the reduction of inpayments and from next July 25 is in communion with the new reform of the LOTT which says that the carrier may claim the loading company if it does not receive the due payment, even though the company has already paid the shipping company.

Do you find it interesting? So what are you waiting to register? Now we also offer a free quote trial for loading companies and complimentary registration for transporters


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