Monday, 1 July 2013 manifesto

This manifesto is driven by

Because there is a lack of communication
Because excessive outsourcing hurts most companies involved in transportation. To begin with, increases the price to the loading companies and decreases it for transport companies. Create doubts and an environment of distrust about who is actually transporting the merchandise. No direct line to either party if there are any changes or problems in route. Generates dissatisfaction and conformity because it is believed that there isn't any solution to this problem.

Because we now have the right tools to organize our trade
Because transport industry needs standardization to reduce malpractices that always hurt those who get their hands dirty, requires both parties to offer basic guarantees to help build confidence and dynamism to transportation when hiring and when transporting loads.

Because technology and innovation help us improve without investing a lot of money
Find a truck near your cargo, find a load close to your truck, provided with direct contact between the cargo owner and the owner of the truck. Sending and receiving documents online, rest assured that all companies within the page are verified and are solvent, safe in the knowledge that all trucks within the page have the documents in order and have current merchandise insurance. Ability to negotiate a price, to be selective, to work with your favourites. Create new synergies and new business relationships within a safe and secure environment.

Because we are a modern option, innovative and secure
We give all the necessary tools and perform all the necessary checks to ensure that all movements within the page of our users are easy and safe. With only just a couple of clicks you can assign a truck to carry a transport, once assigned (not before), you can see who will transport your goods or for whom you transport the cargo. You know you have a team of professionals on your side who can help you with any problems that may arise regarding any activity you have made within the service. We can even manage the service for you, so you do not have to worry about anything at all.

As a matter of logic
Do you really think that paying money to a third party for a service that can be performed with only two parties is common sense? Do you really know who is carrying your load? Is it logical that most of the loads you are transporting are already resold? Don't you think that pencil and paper is too common in the transport industry?

You have much to gain and little to lose only charges a fixed monthly fee, regardless of the loads or trucks you post, there isn't any permanence with us, we can ensure you will get a price improvement and will establish new and verified contacts under the guarantee of


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