Thursday, 6 February 2014 @ 4 years from now -- Mobile World Capital in Barcelona had the opportunity to attend to a conference at 4 Years From Now, an event within the Mobile World Capital Barcelona. with their managers Cesc Coll and Maira Bonjorn attended a talk organized yesterday by 4 Years From Now and Start Up Catalonia as part of the Mobile World Capital in Barcelona

Cesc Coll, representative of, his mentor Chema Pina shared experiences with Oriol Rosell representing Patchworks, Stephanie Marko, representing Stikets and his mentor Paul Valdes, among others. 

All conference attendees were able to hear at first hand the views and experiences of all those entrepreneurs who were part of the accelerator Start Up Catalonia last year.

From we value the experience very positive and we appreciate the opportunity to attend as guests in one of the most international fairs, speaking of what excites us in the same space as other people like: Kenneth Morse, Michael Näf, Morten Lund i Ezequiel Vidra. Thank you!





Next 26th of February, you shouldn't miss the talk from at the event organized by 4 years from now within the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


4YFN is an event based on conferences, workshops, seminars and meetings with experts focused on all entrepreneurs who have just started, they have the opportunity to expand their international contacts, get real feedback on their concepts and find tools to speed up their current or future projects in just 4 days. 4YFN is inspirational for individuals looking to begin or to validate an idea to get quality contacts and also for start-ups looking for talented people or advice on specific funding. There are activities running during the 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. will collaborate in one of the discussions that will take place on February 26 in 4YFN with Stickets, another start-up selected by the accelerator ACCIO10 Start Up Catalonia. See you there!

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