Wednesday, 23 April 2014

WIDOIT signs a collaboration agreement with ANAFRIC

Last February, signed a collaboration agreement with ANAFRIC, an association with 150 member companies.

ANAFRIC-GREMSA ANICO OVICERO is a non-profit association which includes different meat sectors (bovine, ovine, pig and goat). It is the association which gathers the biggest number of cutting rooms and the leaders of export and import of meat. The sector of pig meat represents 50% of the total activity of its partners. ANAFRIC-GREMSA ANICO OVICEBO is the second Spanish association by volume of bovine meat and the most representative association of ovine and pig meat.

The association protects the corporative interests of the sector by defending and informing the activities of slaughtering animals, transforming, processing meat, trading meat and its offal to provide the partners with general information at the regional, national and European level. The main goals of the association are to look after the modernization, the competitiveness of Spanish meat sector and the progress of its partners.

The internal functioning of the association is based on personalised support of the partner by resolving his technical and legal doubts and defending his interests before local, regional, national and European administration.

The association has 150 associated companies among them live cattle producers (especially ovine meat), suppliers, cutting rooms, transformation industries, cold rooms, distributors, importers and exporters.

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